Plans for mandatory ransomware reporting

The Federal Government has announced its plans to combat ransomware including new offences and a mandatory notification obligation for victims of a ransomware attack.

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) has recommended the amending Bill be split so that certain requirements and powers become law while risk management program rules come back to parliament in a second Bill which also include a range of significant amendments.

Staff Security and Data Handling Policy

CB Computers recommends that you work closely with your IT Provider to establish a Security and Data Handling Policy for your staff. This should include information about password policies, email phishing, data sharing, personal device usage with company data, phone scams, Social Media accounts, and Multifactor Authentication (2FA). The weakest link in many cases is human error. You can combat this today by giving your staff the insight into how to stay protected.

Password removal in less than 5 minutes

Here is some holiday time food for thought. Employees may be taking their work devices home at this time. But are these devices secure and protected?

Did you know that devices that are not encrypted can have their passwords easily removed? This could be a big problem if it is lost or stolen.

This YouTube video shows how anyone with even limited IT skills can remove a password:

Your valuable Company data is now available for the hacker to view and distribute as they please. This type of malicious activity can also be done on Apple devices and not just PC.

To find out more about how to you can protect your mobile devices and other vulnerable systems in your Organisation, feel free to reach out to discuss your IT security.